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Cayo Largo

Salsa Excursion Cuba 18 march 31 march 2019

Salsa Excursion Cuba 18 march 31 march 2019

The only program for Cuba which combines Cuban folklore and music, among with the best places for relaxing and enjoying the perfect beaches of the island. At the end of every single day we are going to visit some salsa/son and reggaeton events and concerts in the town where we are. If you want you could have some lessons of the best Cuban salsa teachers.

  The group will be up to 10 tourists. .

Price: 1438 euro per person for a double room /flight ticket for the route Sofia /or another departure point/ Europe – Havana – Еurope IS NOT INCLUDED





The temperature during your trip will be between 25 and 31 degrees. This will be a unique trip, where you will experience the daily routine of the typical Cuban farmer – we will step into his home and take a sip from his homemade coffee, we will also visit the Cuban “Sunny beach”, called Varadero, where you will have the opportunity to witness and take photos of the mountain wonder of Vinyales. We will then do some rafting on a boat to a cave, where we will become engrossed into the colours of the Carribean blue Trinidad, we will take a boat trip to the Indian Nature Reserve, feed the crocodiles and take a look around the beautiful Cienfuegos. We will pay a visit to the Heaven on Earth – Cayo Largo. We will find the historical roots of the local religion – Santeria and go a little bit off the beaten track. For the first time we will visit the magnificent waterfalls of El Nicho near Cienfuegos. The fun is guaranteed! J


Arrival at the Havana airport, transfer and accommodation at the guest houses in Havana.


First day in Cuba.

Breakfast in the guest houses /optional/

Wise men used to say that you can tell about a people from its markets, therefore first thing we will visit the local market for vegetables and fruit. They will adore us with their specific aroma and natural atmosphere of Cuban everyday life.

Around 10:30 we will head for the prominent Hotel Nacional  . There you will be introduced to the history of Cuba along the centuries and also will have a cocktail in the yard of the hotel with a wonderful view of the sea.

At 11:30 we will start our panoramic trip along the interesting spots in Havana in old roofless limousine. We will feel how the time has stopped during the trip around Malekon – the emblem of Havana and the longest bench in the world as the locals call it. We will also reach Captilio – an exact duplicate of the Washington Capitol.

We will take some time to take photographs at the biggest square in South America – the Square of Revolution, which is usually crowded with more than 1 000 000 people during the May manifestations under the approving gazes of the party leaders. We will then go past the historic Catholic cemetary “Christopher Columbus” – an architecture monument and the second biggest and most significant cemetery in the world.

We will continue to the magnificent park of Almendares, where we will take pleasure in the lush tropical vegetation, which is also a hiding  place for Havana inhabitants during the summer heat waves. Next will be the new neighborhood of Miramar with its luxurious haciendas along 5th Avenue and different embassies, including the Bulgarian one. The trip in the colorful roofless limousines will end in Old Havana, where we start our walking tour.

At 13:30 we star our walking tour at the Old Havana Neighbourhood, during which we will see the squares of ¨Plaza de Armas¨, Plaza de la Catedral¨, ¨Plaza San Francisco de Asis¨ and Plaza Vieja. Next we will take a walk along the famous merchant street Obispo and visit the Florida bar at the edn of the street, as well as the hotel Ambos Mundos, visited by Hemingway in his time.

Then there will be an optional lunch in one of the Cuban restaurants with the most delicious food, where you will savour local specialties, such as: Malanga with honey, sweet cooked bananas, fresh fish, shrimps, lobster or grilled octopus. There you will also be invited to taste mohito frape – on of the specialties, which is additionally paid for.

We will arrive back at the guest houses around 18:00.

In the evening we will visit the popular local salsa bars and we will choose where to stay, according to the shows offered.


Second day in Cuba.


130 km ride by an air-conditioned transport.

A visit of Matanzas is planned along the way.

Matanzas hides in itself the charm of a typical countryside colonial town. Here you can witness a man riding a bicycle with a big pork ham, tied at the back.

Before that we will come past the highest aqueduct in Cuba Puente De Bacunayagua, where we can stop to take some photos and have some coffee.
Another interesting place on the way to Matanzas is the delta of the river Canimar.

We will also stop on the highest aqueduct in Cuba, where we will witness the wonderful view.

We will spend some time at the beach and we will visit the house of Dupont.

A night at a 4* hotel all inclusive in Varadero


Third day in Cuba.


Breakfast from 7 until 8 am.

We are leaving  Varadero and we go to  Guama, Cienfiegos and Trinidad.

We will head for the inner part of the country in an air-conditioned transport.

Arrival at Guama

Guama is located in the heart of the National park of Montemar, as well as La Boca. We will take photos of the crocodiles in the farm and then continue on a boat through the Lagune of treasures. On the opposite shore there is an authentic village that has preserved the atmosphere from the Columbus times. There are no Indians living there anymore, the sculptures recreate their daily life and culture. We will find out who is the Tabacco God. They can also feed the crocodiles while we are watching. Furthermore, we can try crocodile meat and also take photos of the birds’ and fish’s natural inhabitant.

After we have seen  Guama we will head along a beautiful panoramic way along the Carribean sea and we will reach “The pigs’ bay” laso known as the Hiron beacj, where in 1961 there took place an unsuccessful attempt for open aggression against a group of Cuban emigrants, who went ashore on the bay with the assistance of the USA navy. We will take a look of the Military Museum and continue to the beautiful Cienfuegos.

A night at the magnificent  Cienfuegos at a house on the beach.

You can check here your guest house at Cienfuegos

 Day four in Cuba.

We will wait for the sunrise in a dream house at the seaside. We can then have fresh fruit for breakfast, pancakes and hot coffee for breakfast by the kind landlords. /the breakfast is optional/

During this day we will take a tour around Cienfuegos. We will see the town, planned and built by French settlers. We will take a quick round along the central square Hose Marti and then take a ride to the beautiful Malekon and reach the wonderful palace of Palacio de Valle.

Salsa lessons in the afternoon (optional).

Dinner at the seaside with crabs, fresh fish or whatever you choose (optional and for additional payment).


Day five in Cuba.

In the morning: СienfuegosТrinidad

The waterfalls of El Nicho (along the way to Trinidad)

The El Nicho waterfalls are located in the mountain of Eskambrai. The water can be clearly seen through. We will spend 1 hour there and will continue to Trinidad.

Accomodation at the guest houses.

A tour around colonial Trinidad.

We will pay a visit of the historical museum, the abandoned cathedral and a panoramic walking tour along the old part of the town. Our next stop will be the temple of Yemaya – a deity of the local religion Santeria. You will have the chance for the local priest  Babalaoto tell you who is your patron

Visit of the Casa de la Musica in open air and dances until 23:40.

Trinidad. A night at the guest houses.


Day six in Trinidad 

In the morning we will visit the National Nature Reserve of El Cubano near Trinidad /visit this link for details/.

Departure at 9.00 am.

We will take a 3.6 km tour in which we will cross a river and have the opportunity to take a dive in a lake with stalactites. Here you will have the chance to ride a horse /for additional payment/.

You will also have the unique opportunity to witness a colony of wild wasps /it is safe/, as well as to see wild birds, such as El Tokororo – the bird, chosen to be the symbol of Cuba because of its red, blue and white feather markings that represent Cuba’s national flag.

We will then go back to Trinidad, where the will be an optional lunch and some free time. We can visit the Valley of Sugar Mills also known as Valle de los Ingenios. Since 18-19 century Cuba has been the biggest producer of sugar in the world and there are more than 56 sugar plantations located in the valley, where more than 110 000 slaves worked in inhumane conditions.

/If you don’t want to visit The Valley of Sugar Mills, I can take you to the beach or give you some free time in Trinidad/

Towards the edn of the 1880s a railway system has already been built there that connected the valley with the Kasilda port, so as to facilitate sugar transportation. A bit later during the war for Cuba Independence the bigger part of the plantations were destroyed and sugar industry moved to the west of Cuba. In 1988 UNESCO includes Valle de los Ingenios and Trinidad in the list of the World Heritage.

We can visit the beach of Ankon in the afternoon /8 km from Trinidad/ – the transport is included

About Ankon:

Returtn to Trinidad – at 17:00 pm. A tour around the town.

If somebody prefers salsa an rumba lessons by the best local instructors to the beach of Ankon, it is an option.

In the evening we can go to a restaurant with life music and then go dancing at Casa de la Musica Trinidad

A night in Trinidad


Day seven in Cuba.

Today we are going fromTrinidad to Vinales

We can make an optional stop at Santa Clara and see the mausoleum of Che Gevara, where there are kept remnants and personal belonging of the national hero of Cuba.

There will be an option rope slide and diving into the local rivers.

We can visit a panoramic restaurant and have dinner while the setting sun casts red and pink colours at the magnificent valley. We can smoke local cigars that except for Tabaco have honey and rum in them.  


A night in Vinales.

Day eight in Cuba.

 The magic of Vinales.

The west part of Vinales, Pinar del Rio is the biggest and most peculiar natural geographic district in the country.

Vinales is a wonderful village in west Cuba near Pinar del Rio. The village cuddles between unordinary rocks and hills as if they were haystacks. This is the region, where they make the most high-quality cigars. The road to the village curves between plantations of tobacco, thatched houses and high rocks. The view is breathtaking.

And here:

We will take a boat trip through an underground cave, we will take a look around the big fossil rock of the cave, which is decorated with pictures of dinosaurs that track the evolution. We will take photos of Indians and their camp in front of the cave and we will get to know their culture. /Real Indians are now extinct, since they were massacred by the Spanish settlers. We will witness a reenactment of the historical events of the time/.

Our next stop will be the Wall of Prehistory – a huge rock where fossils were found and therefore it is decorated with dinosaur pictures that track the evolution of our planet. This was one of the favorite places of El Comandante Fidel Castro Ruz.

The ranch of the typical Cuban guajiro /farmer in Spanish/

The tour continues the ranch of Benites, where we will witness how cigars are made.

Benito is a typical Cuban guajiro /farmer/. We are going to visit him and  you will have the unique opportunity to try his homemade aguaradiente and strong fragrant Cuban coffee. For more details about Benito visit this link/the information is in Bulgarian language/

We can also have dinner /includes seafood/ in our guest house. We can then visit the local disco bar and dance salsa, son and reggaeton.

 A night in Vinales.


Day nine in Cuba.

Transfer from Vinales to Havana

Trip to Finka Hemingway

Once we reach the Cuban capital, we will visit the Hemingway’s home and Museum

We will take a look around the wonderful residence of the prominent bohemian and author of “The Old man and the Sea”, located around 20 km from Havana. For more details check my article for Hemingway here.

We will witness the beautiful view to the Cuban capital from the  watchtower next to the house.

We will than have some lunch at the author’s favourite restaurant at the seaside, next to Alamar near Havana. This is the place that inspired “The Old Man and the Sea”.

In the evening starting at 21:00, there will be an optional visit of the Cabaret Tropicana with retro cars, where the guests may take pleasure in the cabaret show with consummation of Kava, Cuban rum “Havana Club”, the Cuban Cola and appetizers included. Dinner in Tropicana is optional and additionally paid. The show starts at 22:00 until 00:00. Read more about Bar Tropicana Havana here  /in bulgarian language/

In the bar you can see the best dancers in Cuba and after the show you can share a dance with them on the dance floor of Bar Tropicana. Isn’t this an unique opportunity?

A night at the guest houses


Day ten in Cuba.

Havana-Cayo Largo

Unlike Varadero Cayo Coco or Cayo Santa Maria Cayo Largo always offers the warmest weather in this time of the year! See my article about the best time to visit Cuba! See my article about the best time to visit Cuba.

We will spend wonderful three days on Cayo Largo.

Cayo Largo has white sands, sea stars and emerald waters!

The island offers pleasant conditions for diving. We will experience three unforgettable nights on this or similar hotel.

We will fly at 7:00 or at 16:00 o’clock from ХаHavana to Cayo Largo depending on the tickets available.

The accommodation will be at a 4* hotel on an all-inclusive basis


Day eleven in Cuba.

Cayo Largo

During our 11th day in Cuba we will do a boat trip to the beach of Sirena, as well as to the Paraiso beach /the beach of Heaven/, which deserves its name. I will take you to a place where you can swim with dolphins /for additional payment/. We will then do another boat trip to Marinata port and take a look of the huge fish /up to 2 metres/, which circle around peacefully and wait for you to feed them on something delicious. They don’t eat people! In the evening we will have dinner at the hotel.

Second night at the hotel all-inclusive


Day twelve in Cuba

Free time for sunbathing on the beach

An optional trip to The Island of Iguanas, the bay of Heaven and diving in a coral reef.

We will head to the port at 8:30 with an organized transport. There we will take a catamaran or a boat to The Island of Iguanas , where you will have the opportunity to feed the lizards and take photos with them. We will next head for the natural laguna or Heaven’s lake. There you will have some free time for photos and sunbathing on the beach. Our next stop will be the coral reef, where you will swim with millions of little colorful fishes and dive into the magical world of corals. Flippers and snorkels will be given on the boat. We will return at 13:30 and have lunch at the hotel.

Third  night at the hotel all-inclusive

Day thirteen in Cuba

Cayo Largo- Havana

Flight to the capital of Cuba /the flight time is not fixed/

Landing in Havana and transfer to the guest houses


Day fourteen in Cuba.

/The program for the day will be possible only if the flight Havana – Bulgaria is scheduled after 18:00. Otherwise there will be no time to see all the objects planned for the day /

Visit of the street of Afro rumba culture – Callejon de Hammel.

Here’s some photos for you to have a better idea about the energy of the events:

We will next visit Castillo De Los Tres Reyes Del Morro – the fortress, that protected Havana throughout the Colonial period.

There we will see Havana from up above. The ceremony el Cano Naso /fireworks in English/ is held there in the evening. It resembles a gun din from the fortress, which in the past used to announce the closing of the gates, so that the farmers and the other outside could enter the fortress safe and sound.

Here are some more pictures about the ceremony:

We will climb all the way to the statue of Jesus Christ, where we will see a wonderful view of Havana bay. Here you can try one of the best Mohito cocktails in Havana.

In the afternoon we will go back to the guest houses.

Transfer to the airport

Havana – Bulgaria /Europe or another place/

Price: 1438 euro per person for a double room /flight ticket for the route Sofia /or another departure point/ Europe – Havana – Sofia IS NOT INCLUDED/




The price includes:

  • Accommodation in guest houses in Havana, Vinyales, Cienfuegos and Trinidad. Click here to see the types of guest houses in Havana where you will be accommodated
  • Accommodation in the hotels in Varadero and Cayo Largo on all-inclusive basis;
  • Entrance tickets and a tour around the Nature Reserve near Trinidad;
  • Air-conditioned transport during the trips around the country;
  • A tour to Plaza de La Cathedral, Plaza Vieja, Capitolio, Bodegida del Medio and La Floridita. A tour around Old Havana. A trip to Capitolio and a tour along Malekon
  • Boat trip to Regla and the cathedral – centre of the Santeria religion in Cuba. Visit of the romantic neighbourhood Casa Blanca. Payed visit of the pld fortress in Havana. Visit of the afro rumba show in Callejon de Hamel if your flight is a later one;
  • Varadero. Panoramic tour around the sea resort, including a visit of Marinata – the house of Dupont and the aqueduct near Matanzas;
  • A trip to Guama, Cienfuegos, the Indian Nature reserve and the Crocodile Nature Reserve, the waterfall of El Nicho. The entrance tickets for the Nature reserves are included, as well as a boat trip to the Laguna of gold;
  • Panoramic walk around colonial Trinidad and the beach of Ankon;
  • Visit of the Che Guevara Mausoleum /optional/;
  • Trip to Vinales with entrance tickets for the Indian cave and The Wall of Prehistory;
  • Tour around Hemingway Home and Museum;
  • Two-way flight ticket and transfer: Havana – Cayo Largo – Havana. Accommodation for 3 nights on all-inclusive basis;
  • Cayo Largo. Trip to The Island of Heaven and the Sirena beach
  • Transport from and to Havana International Airport;
  • Driver and a passionate and a Bulgarian/English/Spanish tour guide who has passion for traveling and Cuba 
  • Екскурзовод и шофьор на Български със страст към пътешествията и любов към Куба 🙂
  • Travel insurance and Cuban visa.


Cayo Largo.Кайо Ларго

Cayo Largo.Кайо Ларго

Остров Кайо Ларго в превод от испански означава Дълъг остров. Дължината му е около 25 км а ширината 3.Намира се в Карибско Море в прилежащите морски територии на Куба. Отстои около 180 км югоизточно от Хавана и 110 километра от Младежкия остров. На кораловия остров няма местно население. Кайо Ларго е най-източно разположения коралов риф на архипелага Лос Канареос.

Обслужващият персонал живее главно в Isla de la Juventud /Младежкия остров/ и стои най-много 20 дни за да застъпи следващата смяна. Персонала живее в специално построено за това селище на Кайо Ларго.

За пръв път бях тук с третата ми група през март 2014 година и разбрах че съм на най-райското място на земята. Не съм пропуснал кътче на Куба, ходил съм и на доста екзотични места из югоизточна Азия, но не съм виждал толкова красиви плажове, чисти води и такава безкрайна синева. 

Кайо Ларго предлага спокойна почивка и невероятни приключения. Гмуркане, разходки, излети в океана с корабчета до съседни остров като острова на игуаните, плуване с делфини или просто айляк по пловдивски 🙂 Времето е меко, топло и без големи валежи. Средната температура на въздуха варира от 23 градуса през януари до 29 през август.

Какво да посетим в Кайо Ларо

Плажа Параисо

Близкият плаж Параисо напълно оправдава името си. Морето е плитко в продължение на стотици метри и можеш да тичаш по топлата вода и да гледаш как рибките си играят като цветни сирени. Всичко това провокира детското в мен и аз просто бях забравил всичко докато се гмурках в чистите карибски води, наблюдавайки цветните звезди, коралчетата или бягайки и гмуркайки се в изумрудените лагуни. Другите интересни плажове се казват Плаж Сирена, Плаж Тортуга, Плаж Линдамар.

През Кайо Ларго минава миграция на 3 вида морски костенурки които избират това място да снесат яйцата си в топлите пясъци. На острова е създаден център за отглеждането им, като след това биват пускани на свобода. Може да почерпите информация в кой месец от годината древните създания минават от тук.   Заради нарастващия брой туристи е създаден център който включва инициативи за наблюдаване на гнезденето на костенурките и информация за опазването им. В центъра може да видите и да снимате малки костенурки и да видите яйца. Интересно

Кайо Ларго е рай за гмуркачите. Водите около острова предлагат около 30 места, за които може да намерите информация в местния водолазен център.

Транспорта е от  Хавана с малки витлови самолети и трае 30-40 мин.

Едно от хотелите в Кайо Ларго се казва Сол Пеликано

Друг от хотелите се казва Сол Кайо Ларго.

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