Sancti Spiritus in Cuba

Sancti Spiritus is the capital of the province of the same name, which includes Trinidad. Although Sancti Spiritus is the main city of the province is far less visited by tourists than Trinidad but this doesn’t make the city less interesting. It is named after the Holy Spirit and is among the first four cities established in Cuba. This is the only city in Cuba bearing a Latin name. 

As we already mentioned Sancti Spiritus is among the first colonial cities established by the Spanish in Cuba. It was founded in 1514 by the conqueror of Cuba Diego Velasquez 8 km away from its current location next to the river Tiuniku. In 1522 the city is moved to a more strategic spot – near the tiver Yayabo where it is situated down to the present day.

The symbol of the city is the bridge over the Yayabo River. It is the oldest bridge in Cuba and its location is also known as the carts way. 

The bridge is finished in 1831 by Don Domingo Valverde and Don Blas Cabrera. Nearly 200 000 bricks were laid according to a traditional technique with sand, lime, water, and ass’s milk. Read more about the bridge here.

Don’t miss also the sky-blue city cathedral Iglesia Mayor de Sancti Spiritus. The central park is called Parque Serafín Sánchez and was completely renovated. Near it you can take a walk in a breathtaking neighbourhood with typical colonial narrow cobbled streets and colourful facades. In the square, you will see a statue of the famous musician and composer Gerardo Echemendia also known under the stage-name Serapio. 

You can go around the whole city of Sancti Spiritus for around 2 hours. The population amounts to  118 000 citizens.