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Най-подходящото време да посетим Куба

A lot of people ask me when is the best time to visit Cuba. My answer is simple – whenever you get the opportunity to do so :)). Cuba is the country of endless summer after all! However, I suggest taking a closer look into the island climate, since I have stayed in Cuba all year round.

The average rainfall in Cuba is around 1400 mm, and this quantity is evenly scattered around the year. There are two main periods here – a dry one /from November until the end of April/ and a humid one – from May until the end of October. The climate features are usually formed in the southwest part of the Caribbean Sea where the Sun is just above the equator. Then, they move toward Cuba at a speed of 350 km/h. Typhoons take place mostly in the two ends of the island – Pinar del Rio, The Isle of Youth, and Oriente /Eastern Cuba/. Such natural phenomena are like a curse for Cubans. Except for killing people hurricanes often erase from the face of earth villages, beaches, and forests.

 The official Cuban summer here starts in June and ends in September and it is scorching hot and unbearable for us Europeans. The humidity of the air during this period amounts up to 80 % and even 100% in the morning.

In January the temperatures get up to 27-29 degrees, but often during the “frente frio” or the cold front, the temperature gets lower for 2 days to -20 degrees with strong wind, which creates high waves around Malecon in Havana. The popular boulevard is often closed for the time being. The cold front usually ends for 2 days and the weather is sunny and hot again. The sea temperature along Havana beaches is between 20 and 24 degrees, although it is often lower because of the currents. However, Cayo Largо, Santiago de Cuba, and the Oriente, in general, are a whole different cup of tea – the temperature of the warm Caribbean sea is almost never less than 25 degrees starting from November until March and even outside this period. Havana is colder, if I may say.

Personally, I recommend visiting Cuba between November and May when there are little rainfalls. If you are kite-surf lovers you should definitely visit Varadero and Guanabo in January.