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Guanabo is a coastal town 30 km east of Havana. It is connected with the capital through the main road Via Blanca. There are around 2000  foreigners living in Guanabo, mostly Italians. The name Guanabo comes from the already extinct genuine inhabitants of the island and in their language in means “palm trees”.

Three decades ago Guanabo used to have an ideal infrastructure and coastal restaurants. Several cyclons however destroy a big part of them. I have personally walked along the wrecked swimming pools, discos, and restaurants, which are now slowly turning into ruins.

The guesthouses here have reasonable prices and are very close to the beach – something you won’t find in Havana. The three disco bars here offer salsa and reggeaton nights.

Guanabo is located close to Playas del Oeste, or the eastern beaches of Oriente – a favourite sport of Havana citizens for leisure and fun. 

There are also a lot of private restaurants. I have included Guanabo in my tours recently.

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