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Pinar del Rio is the capital of the westernmost province in Cuba. Its name means “Pine river” and was given to the city because of its thick tropical forests and the many rivers that used to flow here in the times before Columbus.

Nowadays, Pinar del Rio is famous for tobacco and the liqueur “Guabita” – bottle traditionally carries a seed from the guava fruit.

West of the city you can find the Vuelta Avajo Valley where they cultivate the most high-quality tobacco in the world. The main factory in Pinar del Rio produces liqueur from the most famous and delicious fruit in Cuba – guava. Around 20 km north, you may enjoy a view of the Vinyales Valley.

Pinar del Rio itself is a typical provincial city. It is connected to Havanа by a well-maintained highway. I usually suggest spending a night in a guesthouse with an average price of 15-20 CUC per night. Here you can also visit a museum – a part of the guava liqueur factory. The city doesn’t offer much night entertainment. There aren’t a lot of tourists. If you want to sunbathe the nearest choices are either Cayo Jutias or Maria la Gordа.

Las Terrazas or Playa Mulata are also a good idea while you are in Pinar del Rio. Also Cueva de Los Portales where was Che Guevera’s headquarters during the Caribbean crisis in 1962.