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Cayo Largo

Cayo Largo from Spanish means “the long island”. Its length is around 25 km and its width is 3 km. The island is located in the Caribbean Sea within Cuban sea boundaries. Cayo Largo is situated 180 km southeast of Havanа and 110 km from the Island of Youth. The coral island doesn’t have local inhabitants. It is the easternmost coral reef from the Los Canarois Archipelago, and it is situated 60 km west of the biggest national park in Cuba “The Gardens of the Queen” – a complex of 600 small islands, which Christopher Columbus named in honour of the Queen of Spain Isabel I.

 The personnel working on Cayo Largo comes mostly from The Island of Youth and on Cayo Largo, they live in a village built especially for the purpose.

I came here for the first time in March 2014 with my third tourist group ever and I realized that this is the most heavenly place on earth… I have seen every bit of Cuba, I have visited exotic destinations in Southeast Asia but I have never seen more beautiful beaches, clear waters, and an endless azure like on Cayo Largo.

Cayo Largo offers tranquility as well as amazing adventures. You can walk, dive, float around the ocean on a boat, visit the neighbouring islands (such as the iguana Island), swim with dolphins… The climate is mild and warm without heavy rainfalls. The air temperature varies from 23 degrees from January until the end of August.

What to visit on Cayo Largo?

The Paradise Beach

The Paradise Beach surely deserves its name. The waters here are shallow so you can run around for hundreds of meters in the warm Caribbean sea and watch the fish playing like colourful sirens, the sea stars, the small corals… Here I feel like a child living in a fairytale – carefree and blessed. I reeeeally recommend this once-in-a-lifetime experience to everyone who needs such emotions! There are also some other interesting beaches on Cayo Largo – The Siren Beach, The Tortuga Beach, and The Lindamar Beach

There are three kinds of turtles that when migrating lay their eggs on Cayo Largo. There is a special shelter on the island for the incubated turtles that are set free later. You can check the month when the ancient creatures migrate, passing through Cayo Largo. With the number of tourists here increasing the shelter started offering special seances of the incubation and providing more detailed information on the process. Here you can also take a picture with small turtles and see turtle eggs.

Cayo Largo is the divers’ paradise. There are around 30 diving points on the island. You will find more information in the local diver’s centre.

You can get to Cayo Largo on an airscrew from Havanа. The flight takes 30-40 minutes. 

One of the hotels on Cayo Largo is called Sol Pelicano.

The Sol Cayo Largo Hotel is another option for your accommodation.