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The western region of Pinar del Rio is the biggest natural geographic district in Cuba.

The place unveils breathtaking views of the Valley of Vinales and the village itself engulfs you in the wild rural atmosphere of the Cuban province. 

Vinales hides between peculiar rocks and piles of haystacks. In the Valley of Vinales, you can see Karst formations under and above the ground. The chalky ranges of mountains are pierced by rivers every now and then. Despite their low altitude, the mountains here bear distinct upland characteristics.

Vinales is located 30 km away from the region with the most high-quality cigars Vuelta Abajo. The road curves its way amongst tobacco plantations, thatched houses, and rocks. The picture is surreal.

 Make sure you visit Cueva de los Indios /The Indians’ cave/. It is underground so you can take a boat around. 

If you are a cigar lover here you can witness the process of their production.

The Vinales almost every house offers accommodation, so once you get off the bus all the villagers will be at your service with offers.

Vinales is a farm region, so there you can find a lot of fruit, vegetables, coffee, and especially tobacco, which is cultivated according to special traditional methods. Fishing is also an important part of the region’s economy.  

The locals usually ride their horses around dressed like cowboys, but only smoking a cigar or carrying it behind their ear. The tobacco here is a top sight since it is used for producing the most high-quality cigars in the world. Tobacco plantations can be seen in front of many of the houses in Vinales. Since farming is very widespread here most of the food served in the restaurants and the guesthouses is local, always delicious, fresh, and home-made. This is another bonus added to the breathtaking view of the valley.

Vinales is one of the must-visits in Cuba. There are a lot of ranchos that are the home not only to the most high-quality tobacco in the world but also to popcorn, yucca, potatoes, mango, and many other cultures. Find out more about the fruit in Cuba here.

One of the ranchos my tourists and I visit is the one of Benito. Find out more about Benito’s farm here.

Another interesting location 50 km away from Vinales is Cayo Jutias – I recommend visiting.

The road to Cayo Jutias is quite bumpy so it will take you around 2 hours to get there. Cayo Jutias literally means “the island of the jutia”. Jutias are a local breed of beavers that live in swamps or along seashores. Jutias can also be seen in Guama, Cuba.