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Topes de Collantes. Jungles, Waterfalls, and Pure Lakes in Cuba

between Cienfuegos to the west, Sancti Spisitus to the east, and north of Trinidad. The highest peak of the mountain is called San Juan – 1140 m. Escambray is an oasis of endemic flora, clear rivers, and waterfalls such as El Nicho, Caburni, and Vegas Grandes. It is also the birthplace of the popular coffee of the same name, which you may obtain in Havanа and the favourite of the hundreds of tourists travelling with cuba.bgspace. The secret of the coffee is that it is cultivated along the south slopes of the mountain with a lot of rainfalls so that the plants absorb more sunlight and moisture, which give the coffee a unique aroma. The reserve hosts also the House of Coffee /Casa del Café/, where you can see and try different sorts of coffee. If you are travelling by yourself write to me here and I will tell you where in Havanа you can buy this coffee.

Here you will also find the most beautiful cascades of El Nicho, Caburni and El Cubano. South of Escambray 7 km off the Caribbean Sea you will find the most well-preserved colonial city in Cuba – Trinidad.

The reservation is also rich in mineral sources that are accessible in Cur Hotel.

To reach Topes de Collantes take the road from Trinidad – it is quite steep and narrow, but it reveals gorgeous views and will take you all the way to the reserve.